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    Bringing Magic of 3D Scanning & Printing Onsite

    MakerOne is GetMakered's family-friendly mobile 3D Design Studio that we bring onsite to connect people to 3D technology. MakerOne brings it's complete 3D Selfie Booth to Maker Faires, Conferences, and Schools helping to connect your audiences with hands-on demonstrations of 3D technologies. Outfitted with a human-sized turntable, we are able to do full-body 3D scans participants and turn them into printable 3D models ready for printing.


    Opportunities for Collaboration 

    Mission: Grow an Army of GetMakered Lab Assistants
    Boot Camps and Road Trips

    MakerOne offers some unique opportunities for collaboration with nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and social investors to move together towards making new innovative technology accessible . With your help, we can grow an army of GetMakered Lab Assistants that can then in turn share with their peers.
    If you'd like to work with GetMakered to create your own Mobile GetMakered Innovation Lab to showcase your technology,  drop us a line and we'll help you get started today.


    Mission: Train the Trainers

    Step by Step Guide for Getting Started with TinkerCad from

    Introduction to Modeling for 3D Printing: Hands-on Workshop Using TinkerCAD  




    Diane Mueller

    CEO, GetMakered
    & MakerOne Co-Pilot
    Diane is the leader of this fearless band of Makers bring order and mayhem together to create and inspire innovation everywhere.

    Derek Anderson

    Mad Scientist
    Derek is our CNC Guru
    & 3D Printer Master Builder. He's mastered the inception art of using 3D Printers to print more 3D printers! He is a Maker/Hacker/Mad Scientist with a background in automotive control systems, automation, fabrication and software engineering.

    Dan Williams

    Mr. Electric
    Dan is a robot. No, really he is! Dan is building a merry band of robot-building fanatics on the Coast and brings his expertise in all things motorized & electronic to GetMakered, ensuring we know to properly electrocute ourselves and that we do it up to code!

    Bryan Cramer

    Dr. Arduino
    He's a nerd and he loves it. Bryan has a fascination in how things work and more importantly how to make things work for us from building solar arrays for gardening to understanding the inner workings of SQL database engines. all. When asked to describe which celebrity he resembles the most, he replied with "a cross between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Martha Stewart (minus the prison time)".

    Mona Stylos Pingree

    Dr. ExplainIt
    She's the most awesome gatekeeper in the world and a technical documentation wizard. Most importantly, she's the explainer of all the inner workings of the goings on inside the GetMakered mobile makerspace. She keeps us on track and running smoothly at all times even when the trailer is listing to the slightly left.

    Owyn Cramer

    Virtual Reality Wizard
    Owyn constantly scans the event horizon for new technology to test and incorporate into our workshops. He's our litmus test for if something is sticky enough to bother exploring or if it stinks of market buzz.

    Get Makered is attending these great events in 2015

    OSCON Kids Day

    3D Selfie Workshop for Kids Sunday, May 15 Austin Convention Center
    Austin, Texas

    Opportunity Collaboration brings together nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and social investors to move together towards poverty alleviation. With Kip's help, Opportunity Collaboration's Facebook reach grew by up to 700 percent.


    OSCON celebrates, defines, and demonstrates the power of open source in the world today.
    Austin, Texas May 16-19 2016

    OSCON is where all of the pieces come together: developers, innovators, businesspeople, and investors. In the early days, this trailblazing O'Reilly event was focused on changing mainstream business thinking and practices; today OSCON is about real-world practices and how to successfully implement open source in your workflow or projects.
    You can find the @GetMakered Crewe in Non-Profit Alley during expo hours doing 3D Selfie Scanning & Printing & UnRealEngine Gaming Demos

    Sunshine Coast Mini-Maker Faire

    Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to
    scientists to garage tinkerers. 
    Gibsons, BC May 29, 2016

    The CoastMakers are bring the Maker Faire Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth to the Sunshine Coast. It's a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning on the Coast. 

    Santa's Maker Shop

    Free Family Maker Fun on the Sunshine Coast!
    Davis Bay Hall, Sechelt, BC Canada

    Come hang out in Santa's Maker Workshop on Nov 21st from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at Davis Bay Hall. There will be toy an decoration making workshops; 3d printers and a full-color 3D scanning booth. Learn simple circuits and exercise your imaginations! 
    1-4 PM 
    5123 Davis Bay Road, Sechelt BC
    (2 blocks up from the Highway, at Laurel Avenue)

    LinuxFest Northwest 2015

    Speakers from all areas of tech, and talks covering the full gamut of experience, from newbie to guru.
    Bellingham, WA

    LinuxFest Northwest is an annual event held the last weekend in April,
    in Bellingham, WA USA. The Fest features presentations on various F/OSS topics, as well as Linux distributions and applications. LinuxFest
    Northwest has something for everyone from the novice to the
    Produced by the Bellingham Linux Users Group, and volunteers from other northwest U.S. open source users groups.
    Check out our submitted talk outline: 

    Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

    Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to
    scientists to garage tinkerers. 
    Vancouver BC - June 5&6 2015

    Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.

    We have our application in, keep your fingers crossed!
    A Conference With A Kick: Learn, Be Inspired & Be Entertained!
    Amsterdam September 10-11 2015

    Imagine half way between a software conference and a music festival and you're going in the right direction. Think amazing speakers, circus tents, BBQs, live music and craft beers at the spectacular location ‘Roest’ in the center of Amsterdam. GetMakered is thrilled to be running away and joining the circus! Diane will be speaking on how to "Inspiring the Next Generation to Runaway and Join the Circus."


    Seattle Maker Faire

    Grab Your Ticket Today! 
    Seattle, Washington September 19-20, 2015

    Tickets are now on sale for the Seattle Mini Maker Faire! Over 80 exhibiting makers will come together at EMP Museum for a weekend in celebration of invention, creativity, and DIY technology.

    Sunshine Coast Art Crawl

    Everyone’s  at GetMakered is excited about being invited to participate in the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl! 
    Sechelt, BC October 16-18 2015

    Travel along the entire Sunshine Coast Highway from Langdale to Lund or Lund to Langdale. It is a chance to meet the makers & artists in their studios and experience the vibrant arts and culture community on the Sunshine Coast as you follow brochure maps, directional signs, smart phone maps and other Crawlers. Presented by the Coast Cultural Alliance (CCA), a non-profit society presenting the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, is a network of arts, cultural and heritage groups and individuals working to enhance the economic vitality of the Sunshine Coast through cultural sector development. http://www.sunshinecoastartcrawl.ca/

    Enablecon 2015

    Mission: Social Change Leaders + Conversations + Beaches
    Bothell, Washington October 24 2015

    The Second Annual Enable Community Conference will be held on October 24th at the University of Washington, Bothell.  Our first conference was highly publicized and, for many, genuinely lifechanging (see this video).  Our second conference will be similar, but even more significant, as it will build on the extraordinary progress we've made in the last year.http://enablingthefuture.org/enablecon2015/

    Bring GetMakered to your town!

    Drop us a note, give us a heads up, and we'll do our best to connect the dots..
    Appearing soon at Schools, Maker Faires, Jamborees and Circuses everywhere!

    We love bringing together nonprofit leaders, educators, social entrepreneurs, and social investors to collaborate together to connect people of all ages to new technology in impactful, interactive experiences. 

    Opportunity Collaboration

    Mission: Social Change Leaders + Conversations + Beaches
    Ixtapa, Mexico

    Once again we’re going to be at OSCON as part of an entire day of workshops for school aged children interested in learning more about computer programming. Workshops will include Java, Python, Scratch, Minecraft Modding, Arduino, and more. Recommended ages for the workshops are 6 and up, depending on your child’s skills and abilities.

    Laptops will be provided for the kids to work on. The $25 ticket price includes all workshops, a t-shirt, lunch for both the child and their parent/guardian, and snacks throughout the day. Registration for Kids Day will open in March.

    Note: a parent or guardian must accompany their child to OSCON Kids Day and stay for the duration. We’ll have wifi available so bring your favorite device with you. Parents are encouraged to participate by sitting alongside their child as they work.




    In 2015, we've been all over the Sunshine Coast, journeyed to Vancouver and Portland Oregon. We hosted over 350 Makers at the first ever Sunshine Coast Maker Faire and we've all had a wonderful time!


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