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Minnowboard Max IoT Basics: the Video Tour

by Owyn Cramer
Recently, the Intel Open Source team introduced us the new Minnowboard Max and we managed procured a few boards to begin testing for some IoT projects that we are working on. Latest Minnowboard Max is an undeniable improvement on the original MinnowBoard design in both software compatibility and performance. The video below is an introduction to the MinnowBoard Max. We'll be adding more videos as we build out our IoT projects so bookmark the site and come back again!

Watch the below video for a tour of the MinnowBoard Max!

The original MinnowBoard launched back in 2013 as a partnership between Intel and CircuitCo, the organization which designed and developed the ARM- based BeagleBoard development platform. Like the BeagleBoard, the MinnowBoard, is an open-hardware development platform. The original MinnowBoard is no longer sold and was replaced by the MinnowBoard MAX in July 2014.
Here's a link to the main site for getting started that I mentioned in my video:
Stay tuned for our next episode as we build out our IoT projects! 
Many thanks to Intel and their awesome Open Source team!
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